KAF Under 19 Cricket Tournament


KLCA will be organising the KAF Under 19 Cricket Tournament . The tournament is expected to start in January 2014, after the start of the school sessions. There is no participation fee and all the participating teams  will be provided with 15 playing shirts bearing the sponsors logo.

All match expenses, like ground fee, match officials and match balls, will be taken care by the organisers. The Following teams were invited to participate in this inaugural tournament.

Bukit Jalil Sports School
Royal Klang Club Juniors
Royal Selangor Club
SMK Victoria Institution
KL Development Squad
Mugwalla Cricket Club


1. Qualification / Participation Fees

The teams participating in this competition shall be on the invitation by KLCA

2. Laws of Cricket to apply

This will be a Twenty20 Cricket Tournament. All matches shall be played in accordance with the Standard Rules of Twenty20 Cricket with minor omissions, subject to the modifications provided in/by these rules.

3. Mode of Competition

The participating teams shall play in a league format, consisting of one group of five/six teams, where all the teams will play each other once.
The first and second placed teams in the league will play in the Final to decide the Champions
The fixtures for the Competition will be carried out solely by the Competition Committee.

4. Registration of Players

All players participating in this Competition shall be registered players.
All teams shall register a total of fifteen (15) players.
No player shall be allowed to register for more than one team during the duration of the tournament.
Any team found to have played an unregistered player in any particular match shall forfeit maximum points to the opposing team.
This tournament is open to players who are 19 years (i.e. those born on or after 1/1/1995).
This tournament also allows the inclusion of three players under the age of 21 years (i.e. those born on or after 1/1/1993)
Three Under 19 foreign players, (i.e. those born on or after 1/1/1995 and with valid work or study permits) are also allowed to be registered.

5. Fixtures

Fixtures for the competition shall be drawn out by the Competition Committee and no change to the dates or venues are permitted. The teams mentioned first in the fixtures are deemed to be the home team.

6. Registration of players for a match

All teams are to submit their team list (including reserves)to the umpires before the toss is taken. If a player who has been nominated to play does not turn up within 30 minutes from start of play, the nominated substitute will take his place for both batting and fielding sides.
Three (3) foreign players, with valid work or study permits, are permitted to be registered in the starting eleven

7. Normal hours of play

All matches shall commence at the precise time stated.

Morning Match

First Session............... 10.00a – 11.20a
Interval...........................11.20a – 11.40a
Second Session............ 11.40a – 1.00p

Afternoon Match

First Session............... 2.00p – 3.20p
Interval........................ 3.20p – 3.40p
Second Session................. 3.40p – 5.00p

Note: Where the start is delayed or play is suspended, the scheduled hours of play shall be extended by half an hour.

9. Results

Win                               - 3 points
No Result / Non-starter   - 1 point
Loss                              - 0 point

10. Cricket Balls

The standard white cricket balls will be provided by the Competitions Committee.

11. Match Expenses

Apart from the Ground fees, Umpires and scorers fees which are payable by the Competition Committee, all other match expenses are to be borne by the teams concerned.
The Organising Committee will only provide one (1) collared, coloured playing shirt for the 15 registered players.

12. Instructions to the teams

The game shall commence as scheduled. In the event of one of the teams not having the minimum of EIGHT (8) players, the Umpires shall award the game in favour of the other team. But if both teams are absent or having less than EIGHT (8) players, the match will be abandoned and no points shall be awarded to either side.
Penalties shall be strictly applied for slow play and where applicable.

12. Dress code

Normal coloured cricket attire shall be worn by all players and reserves. They shall be dark coloured long slacks (preferably black) and the coloured T-shirts with collar( provided by the OC).

13. Discipline

The Match Referee shall have the power to investigate and adjudicate on all matters of misconduct by players brought to the attention by the Umpires.

14. Settlement of Disputes/Appeals

Any disputes relating to this Competition shall be submitted in writing to the Competition Committee within 48 hours from the day of the match, enclosing together the fees for such disputes, a sum of RM 500.00 (Malaysian Ringgit: Five Hundred Only).  The Competition Committee shall deliberate and decide on the dispute at question on the 3rd day after the match. The sum of RM 100.00 shall be refunded should the Competition Committee decide in favour of the Complainant of the dispute.

Competitions Committee
Kuala Lumpur Cricket Association
Balakrishnan Nair
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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